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The Prelude of Promises and Power

In September 2022, Kenya experienced a pivotal moment as Dr. William Samoei Ruto was inaugurated as the President, marking a significant shift in the nation's leadership. His ascent to power was buoyed by a compelling transformation and prosperity narrative resonating deeply with a population yearning for change. Central to his campaign was the 'hustler narrative,' a concept that promised to elevate the common 'wananchi' (citizens) by creating opportunities and levelling the playing field. This narrative was not just about economic empowerment but also a philosophical shift towards recognizing and uplifting the everyday struggles of ordinary Kenyans.

The internet, data, and AI have transformed the way activism and advocacy is conducted in Kenya and around the world. With the click of a button, individuals and groups can connect, share information, and mobilize for a cause. The rise of online political engagement has been a game-changer in shaping political discourse in Kenya,

AI in research

Scholarly Blog

As a researcher, I have been utilizing digital technologies in my research processes to improve efficiency and effectiveness. The utilization of data mining tools such as TAGs, Python, and R has been one of the most significant ways that digital technologies have impacted my research.

Scholarly Publishing in Africa

Scholarly Blog

The Politics of Scholarly Publishing in Africa: A critical Reflection

Africa’s modernity issue is still centred on knowledge production, and this has remained a significant puzzle in unlocking post-independence growth, international development, economic development, and innovation on the continent. 

Wits University Gate

Published Nov 2, 2021 by The Metric

African Institutions of Higher Learning Need to Foster the Craft of Scholarly Writing

Postgraduate and early-career trainers and mentors in most African universities invest very little in the craft of writing beyond research and methodology courses.

Job Mwaura Police Brutality

Published on November 15, 2021 by Ukombozi Review

Police Brutality: The Intersections of Class, Cultures of Silence and Policing in Kenya

When we do not speak out and demand that the police be held accountable for atrocities they commit, we become complicit.

A group of women in academia

Published on 9/8/2021 by African Book Collective

Marginalisation and Exclusion of Women in Scholarly Publishing and Dissemination in Africa

The point I wish to focus on in the rest of this article is the presence of women in knowledge management, publishing, and research dissemination in Africa. 

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