Non-Scientific Publications

  1. Job Mwaura (January 2023) Data-Driven Activism in Kenya: Harnessing the Power of Information for Social Change. (Self-published).
  2. Job Mwaura (January 2023) Revolutionising Research: How Digital Technologies have Transformed the Way I Collect, Analyse and Manage Data. (Self-published).
  3. Job Mwaura (November 2021) – African Institutions of Higher Learning Need to Foster the Craft of Scholarly Writing . The Metric
  4. Job Mwaura (November 2021) – Police Brutality: The Intersections of Class, Cultures of Silence and Policing in Kenya. Review
  5. Job Mwaura (August 2021) – Marginalisation and Exclusion of Women in Scholarly Publishing and Dissemination in Africa. African Book Collective, SOAS University of London
  6. Job Mwaura (August 2020) – Digital access: 17pc of Kenyans now use social media. Published by Business Daily, Nairobi Kenya
  7. Job Mwaura (June 2020) Digital Activism during COVID-19 Pandemic, Published by
  8. Ukombozi Review
  9. Featured in SABC’s Channel Africa in a program titled 1000 African Voices (
  10. Job Mwaura (Saturday March 11th 2017) Decolonising the mind: Ngugi tours South Africa. Daily Nation, Nairobi, Kenya.
  11. John Karuitha, Job Mwaura & Simon Kamau (August 4th 2019) How to improve the quality of Kenya’s varsities. Daily Nation, Nairobi, Kenya.
  12. Job Mwaura (Saturday April 1st, 2017) Book takes a look at effects of Africa’s digital activism. Daily Nation, Nairobi Kenya.
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