Ongoing and Completed UXR Projects

  1. NebulaAI – Voice Assistant Usability Study

Project Overview: This project focuses on examining user interactions with NebulaAI’s voice assistant technology to identify areas for improvement and enhance user satisfaction. The goal is to create a more intuitive and enjoyable voice assistant experience.

Methodologies: In-depth interviews, usability testing, and user feedback analysis.

Key Findings: Users faced difficulties with voice recognition accuracy, unclear error messages, and lack of context-awareness. Additionally, users desired more personalized and proactive suggestions.

Impact: Based on these findings, NebulaAI is refining the voice recognition algorithms, improving error messaging, and developing new features to provide a more personalized, context-aware voice assistant experience.


  1. OptimaSolutions – Customer Support Platform Accessibility

Project Overview: This project aims to ensure that OptimaSolutions’ customer support platform is inclusive and user-friendly for individuals with disabilities by conducting accessibility audits and user testing.

Methodologies: WCAG 2.1 evaluation, expert reviews, and user testing with individuals with disabilities.

Key Findings: Several accessibility barriers were identified, such as improper color contrast, missing alternative text for images, and keyboard navigation issues.

Impact: OptimaSolutions has addressed these accessibility issues, making their customer support platform more inclusive and usable for a broader range of users.

  1. NebulaAI – AI-powered Analytics Dashboard Usability Testing (Completed: June 2022) 

 Project Overview: This project aimed to evaluate the user experience of NebulaAI’s analytics dashboard, identify areas for improvement, and provide evidence-based recommendations. 

Methodologies: Usability testing sessions and user feedback analysis.

Key Findings: Users struggled with data visualization interpretation, complex navigation, and information overload.

Impact: The design team addressed these issues by simplifying the dashboard, improving data visualizations, and streamlining navigation, resulting in improved user satisfaction and productivity.

  1. OptimaSolutions – Customer Support Platform Redesign (Completed: August 2022)

Project Overview: This project involved redesigning OptimaSolutions’ customer support platform using service design methodologies and terative user testing.

Methodologies: Stakeholder interviews, user journey mapping, rapid prototyping, and usability testing.

Key Findings: Users experienced difficulty in finding relevant support content and felt overwhelmed by the platform’s complexity.

Impact: The redesigned platform addressed these pain points, resulting in a more efficient support experience and increased customer satisfaction.

  1. GreenCrest Technologies – Sustainable Energy Management App User Insights (Completed: October 2022)

Project Overview: This project focused on gathering user insights to inform the development and enhancements of GreenCrest Technologies’ energy management app.

Methodologies: Focus groups, ethnographic studies, and user feedback analysis.

Key Findings: Users valued real-time energy consumption monitoring, personalized energy-saving recommendations, and gamification features to encourage sustainable behaviours.

Impact: GreenCrest Technologies implemented these findings, resulting in an app with more user-cantered functionality that effectively promotes sustainable energy use.

  1. NebulaAI – AI Solution Adoption Ethnographic Study (Completed: December 2022)

Project Overview: This extensive ethnographic study explored user needs, motivations, and barriers to adopting NebulaAI’s artificial intelligence solutions. 

Methodologies: Participant observation, in-depth interviews, and diary studies.

Key Findings: Users were concerned about data privacy, AI explain-ability, and integration with existing systems.

Impact: NebulaAI addressed these concerns by enhancing data protection, improving AI transparency, and offering seamless integration options, leading to increased user trust and solution adoption.

  1. OptimaSolutions – Multichannel Support Experience Evaluation (Completed: February 2023)

Project Overview: This project investigated user experiences across OptimaSolutions’ support channels to identify opportunities for creating a seamless, integrated support experience.

Methodologies: User interviews, support interaction analysis, and usability testing.

Key Findings: Users experienced inconsistent support quality across channels and had difficulty transitioning between them.

Impact: OptimaSolutions implemented a unified support platform, streamlined support processes, and offered more comprehensive self-help resources, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and support efficiency.



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