Conferences and Speaking Opportunities

  1. Mwaura, J. (2023). Social Media and Protests in Kenya: A Digital Revolution for Democracy. In J. Mwaura (Convener), Panel on Digital Technologies and Revolution in Africa: Complexities, Ambivalences, and Contextual Realities, #AoIR2023 Conference – Revolutions. October 18-21, Philadelphia.
  2. Mwaura, J. (2023). Bridging the Digital Divide: A Study of Technology Entrepreneurship and Equity in Pastoralist Regions of Kenya. In The Racial Equity in Technology Entrepreneurship (RETE) Workshop, June 20-22, Berkley Center for Entrepreneurship, NYU Stern School of Business. 44 West 4th Street, New York, NY.
  3. Mwaura, J. (November 2022). Emerging Technologies and Civic Engagement in Africa, African Studies Association. Panel: Digital Cultures, Voice and (New) forms of Civic Participation in Africa. (ASA), Philadelphia, United States
  4. Mwaura, J. (14-16 Sept 2022). Twitter Spaces as New Digital Space for Civic Engagement in Africa. South Africa Communication Association, Johannesburg, South Africa
  5. Mwaura, J. (June 16th, 2022) The Politics of Scholarly Publishing in Africa. Symposium: Listening and Learning from Africa: Reimagined Pan-African Scholarly Partnership. University of Arts, London, United Kingdom.
  6. Mwaura, J. (2022) Panel Convenor: Africa Scholarly Publishing and Research Dissemination In the ASAA’s 4th Biennial Conference 2022 – African and the Human: Old questions, new imaginaries. 11th – 16th April 2022 in Cape Town, South Africa
  7. Mwaura, J. (11-13 October 2019) Context Matters: Advocacy Messages in Language Activism. Social Justice, Language Diversity, and Globalization, Research training workshop hosted by Initiative for Multilingual Studies at Georgetown University Washington DC. Link:
  8. Mwaura, J. (2019, October 2-5). #ResistHudumaNamba: Kenyan Government at a Crossroad. Paper presented at AoIR 2019: The 20th Annual Association of   Internet       Researchers Conference. Brisbane, Australia: AoIR. Link:
  9. Mwaura, J. (5-7 June 2019) Digital Media Research in Kenya: A Methodological Reflection. African Digital Media Research Methods Symposium – School Of Journalism And Media Studies, Rhodes     University, South Africa. Link:
  10. Mukhongo, L.L, Mwaura, J., Omwoha, J. (June 11-14, 2019) Alternative Media Ownership and Shifting Power Relations: Situating Political Discourses Within an Emerging Digital Media Framework: ECAS2019: Connections and DisruptionsEdinburgh, United Kingdom. Link:
  11. Mwaura, J. (April 2018). Digital Campaign? Twitter in Presidential Campaign in Kenya’s 2017 Elections” Politicians and Social Media in the Global South. University of Michigan, Ann Abor, United States. Link:
  12. Mwaura, J. (21-22 September 2017). “Media Effects on Elections and Governance in Kenya’s 2017 General Elections.” Digital Media, Political Polarization, and Challenges to Democracy: An International Symposium. Vienna Austria: Austrian Academy of Science.Link:
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