Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

Mwaura, J. & Akpojivi, A. (2022) “Imagine dying from an overseas disease, when you don’t even own a     passport”: A Decolonial Analysis of Twitter conversations in the wake of COVID-19 in Kenya and  South   Africa. Special Issues, Media and the Corona Pandemic in Africa – Journal of African  Media    Studies, 14(1)

Mwaura, J., (2022) The Practice of Citizen Journalism at Kibera News Network. Special Issues, Making News Outside Traditional Media: The Rise of Peripheral Actors in African Communication Ecologies – African Journalism Studies, Tylorand Francis, 42(4).

Kubheka BZ, Carter V, Mwaura J. (2020) Social media health promotion in South Africa: Opportunities and challenges. African Journal of Primary Health Care Family Medicine v12i1.2389

Chepkemei, A., Biwott, C., & Mwaura, J. (2012). The role of integrity and communication ethics in corporate governance: a study of selected companies in Uasin Gishu County, Kenya. Journal of   Emerging Trends in Economics and Management Sciences, 3(6), 940-944.

Book Chapters


Mwaura, J. (2023) Silicon Savannah or Digitizing Marginalization? A critical Analysis of  Kenya’s Government Digitization Projects in Akpojivi, U., and Chari, T. (Eds) Communication Rights in Africa: Emerging Discourses and Perspectives. Routledge

Mwaura, J., & Kaskinen M., (2023) Activists Contestations in Contemporary Socio-Political Change Making in Kenya Edited book: “Citizenship Utopias in the Global South: The Emergent Forms of Activism in an Era of Disillusionment” Routledge Mobilization Series on Social Movements, Protest, and Culture. 

Mwaura, J. (2023) Media and Publishing as Revolutionary tools from Pre-Independence to  Post- independence Kenya. In Tshuma, L. et. al (Ed.) Media, social movements and protest cultures in Africa Tylor & Francis

Mwaura, J. (2022) Searching for a New Kenya: politics and social media on the streets of Mombasa, African Journalism Studies, DOI: 10.1080/23743670.2022.2080389

Mwaura, J. (J2022) Digital Dissident or Whistle-blowers? A Critical Analysis of Micro bloggers in Kenya. In Farooq A. Kperogi (Ed.) – Digital Dissidence and Social Media Censorship in Africa. Routledge.

Mwaura, J. (2020). Class interplay in social activism in Kenya. In E. Polson, L. S. Clark, & R. Gajjala (Eds.), The Routledge Companion to Media and Class. Routledge.

Newell, S., Oloko, P., Uwa, J., Olutoyosi,  T., Nebe, J., J. Mwaura,, Onwonga, R, Kirori, A. Craig, C. (2018) Dirty Methods as Ethical Methods? In the Field with “The Cultural Politics of Dirt in Africa, 1880-present”. Pp 248-265. In Celia Lury e. al. Routledge International Handbook of Interdisciplinary Methods. Routledge London and New York.

Mwaura, J. et al. (2013). The Influence of Media Ethics on Governance in Kenya. In G. F. 13, E. Nduku, & C. Stückelberger (Eds.), African Contextual Ethics: Hunger, Leadership, Faith, and Media (Vol. 13, pp. 127 – 141). Geneva, Switzerland:

Journal Articles & Chapters Accepted for Publication

Mwaura, J., & Cohen, M., (forthcoming 2024) Harassment and Threats Faced by Journalists in Kenya: Implications for Press Freedom and Independent Reporting. In Matsilele T., & Jamill S., (Eds): “Journalism in Precarity: Trends and Patterns of Journalism Harassment in Africa” Routledge 

Mwaura, J., Cohen, M., & McIntyre K., (forthcoming 2023). Voices Unfettered: The Role of Citizen Journalists in Kenya in Overcoming Political Ties in Journalism. Special “Citizen Journalism Revisited”. Journalism. Sage

Mwaura, J., Cohen M., (forthcoming 2023). Journalists’ responses to public support for censorship in Kenya. Accepted in Journalism and Mass Communication Educator.  

Book Reviews


Mwaura, J. (2022) Searching for a New Kenya: politics and social media on the streets of Mombasa, African Journalism Studies, DOI: 10.1080/23743670.2022.2080389

Mwaura, J. (2021). Book Review: Book Wars: The Digital Revolution in Publishing, by John B. Thompson. Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly. Impact Factor: 4.1

Mwaura, J. (2020). Book Review: Being watched: Legal challenges to government surveillance: by Jeffrey L. Vagle, New York University Press, New York, 2017, 165 pp., $27 (Hardback), ISBN 1479809276. Information, Communication & Society 23 (4), 627-629.

 Mwaura, J. (2019). Book Review: Media, Conflict, and the State in Africa, by Nicole Stremlau. Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly, 96(4), 1188–1190.

Mwaura, J. (2019). Book Review: Digital Identity and Everyday Activism: Sharing Private Stories With Networked Publics by Sonja Vivienne. Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly, 96(2), 652–654.

Mwaura, J. (2017) Book Review: Digital Activism in the Social Media Era: Critical Reflections on Emerging Trends in Sub-Saharan Africa, African Journalism Studies, 38:1, 152-155.

Selected International Conference Presentations


Mwaura, J. (Forthcoming, October 2023). Panel Convenor – Digital Technologies and Revolution in Africa: Complexities, Ambivalences, and Contextual Realities. The Association of Internet Researchers Annual Conference. Hosted by Temple University and the University of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia. United States.

Mwaura, J. (June, 2023). Bridging the Digital Divide: A Study of Technology Entrepreneurship and Equity in Pastoralist Regions of Kenya. Presented in the third annual Workshop on Racial Equity In Technology Entrepreneurship at the Steinhardt School of Culture, Educaton, and Human Development at New York University (NYU) in New York

Mwaura, J. (November 2022) Emerging technologies and Civic Engagement in Africa, African Studies Association (ASA), Philadelphia, United States.

Mwaura, J. (14-16 Sept 2022). Twitter Spaces as New Digital Space for Civic Engagement  in AfricaSouth Africa Communication Association, Johannesburg, South Africa

Mwaura, J. (16th June 2022) The Politics of Scholarly Publishing in Africa. Symposium:. Listening and Learning from Africa: Reimagined Pan African Scholarly Partnership. University of Arts, London, United Kingdom. 

Mwaura, J. (2022) Panel Convenor : Africa Scholarly Publishing and Research Dissemination In the ASAA’s 4th Biennial Conference 2022 – African and the Human: Old questions, new imaginaries. 11th – 16th April 2022 in Cape Town, South Africa

Mwaura, J. (11-13 October 2019) Context Matters: Advocacy Messages in Language ActivismSocial Justice, Language Diversity, and Globalization, Research training workshop hosted by Initiative for Multilingual Studies at Georgetown University Washington DC, United States

Mwaura, J. (2019, October 2-5). #ResistHudumaNamba: Kenyan Government at a Crossroad.  Paper presented at AoIR 2019: The 20th Annual Conference of the Association of  Internet  Researchers. Brisbane, Australia: AoIR. Retrieved from

Mwaura, J. (5-7 June 2019) Digital Media Research in Kenya: A Methodological Reflection. African Digital Media Research Methods Symposium – School Of Journalism And Media Studies, Rhodes  University, South Africa

Mukhongo, L.L, Mwaura, J., Omwoha, J. (June 11-14 2019) Alternative Media Ownership and Shifting Power Relations: Situating Political Discourses Within an Emerging Digital Media Framework: ECAS2019: Connections and DisruptionsEdinburgh, United Kingdom.

Mwaura, J. (April 2018). Digital Campaign? Twitter in Presidential Campaign in Kenya’s 2017 Elections” Politicians and Social Media in the Global South. University of Michigan, Ann Abor

Mwaura, J. (October 20th – 21st 2017). “Media Effects on Elections and Governance in Kenya’s 2017 General Elections.” Digital Media, Political Polarization, and Challenges to Democracy: An International Symposium. Vienna Austria: Austrian Academy of Science.

Mwaura, J. (November 2016). The Interlink between Dirt, Politics, and Media in Kenya. The Cultural Politics of Dirt in Africa 1880 – Present Conference. Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut Mwaura, J. (March 2016). The politics of Dirt in Nairobi’s County . The Cultural Politics of Dirt in  Africa  1880 – Present Lagos Conference. Lagos, Nigeria.


Newspaper Articles and Media Features
– Job Mwaura (September 2021) – Police Brutality: The Intersections of Class, Cultures of Silence and Policing in Kenya. Ukombozi Review (in press)

– Job Mwaura (August 2021) – Marginalisation and Exclusion of Women in Scholarly Publishing and Dissemination in Africa. African Book Collective, SOAS University of London

– Job Mwaura (August 2020) – Digital access: 17pc of Kenyans now use social media. Published by Business Daily, Nairobi Kenya

– Job Mwaura (June 2020) Digital Activism during COVID-19 Pandemic, Published by Ukombozi Review, A platform that connects people’s struggles in Kenya

– Featured in SABC’s Channel Africa in a program titled 1000 African Voices (

– Job Mwaura (Saturday March 11th 2017) Decolonising the mind: Ngugi tours South Africa. Daily Nation, Nairobi, Kenya.

– John Karuitha, Job Mwaura & Simon Kamau (4th August 2019) Going Beyond the Rhetoric: Fixing Kenya’s Broken University System. Daily Nation, Nairobi, Kenya.

– Job Mwaura (Saturday April 1st, 2017) Book takes a look at effects of Africa’s digital activism. Daily Nation, Nairobi Kenya.
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